Alexa Johnston is an artist living and working on Vancouver Island, BC Canada.


Elements of nature and the concept of time have been the primary focus of Alexa’s work. Invoking memories of past experiences and referencing concepts of fleeting memories she creates work that captures the ephemeral nature of time. 


What surrounds us creates feeling. Drawing on daily life, colours, shapes and movements Alexa finds inspiration from nature and the lived experience growing up in the pacific north west. She can see the world slow down and can discern movement patterns which she uses to create marks and impressions of her own life in abstract form. 


Alexa's paintings, are not ones to reveal themselves quickly, the viewer is asked to slow down and take pause. Requiring time to contemplate she uses marks and colour to create a connection between what we see and what we feel. The work acts as a portal between the conscious and the subconscious mind; alternating the observer between seeing and feeling. 


“It might also be said that I built it in a kind of dream. Only afterwards did I see how all the parts fit together and that a meaningful form had resulted: a symbol of psychic wholeness” C. Jung 


Her studio is located in Qualicum Beach, in unceded territory of the Coast Salish Peoples and that of the Qualicum First Nation. 




alexa johnston watercolour painting seaside vancouver island by sophie vino
artist alexa johnston brand photoshoot with rachael alexandra and hanne by design
artist alexa johnston watercolour mixed media painter