A Small Studio Update

Posted by Alexa Johnston on

Hello friends, welcome to a small studio update. 

It is mid September and we are mid renovation at our house. Which is endlessly exciting as the new space will be a studio (for me!) and a pantry for our kitchen (yes, yes to all the storage).

Everything has been turned mostly upside down as we have had to be super adaptable with space and constant disruption. It is looking like it will stay this way until the end of October, yet I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Living with my studio space on the kitchen table and in the living room has been a challenge. The kids are everywhere and the mess is slightly distracting. But it has also been a blessing to be able to steal moments of quiet within the day to reflect on the work I've been able to create within our home. 

I'm getting closer and closer to feeling ready to release my new work into the world. If you would like to be notified sign up to my email list and as always email me if you see anything you have questions about :) 

 xox Alexa

small studio


painting watercolour on paper


painting watercolour on paper

watercolour painting on paper

watercolour art on paper 

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