An art collaboration with Steph from Hey Clay

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pottery wheel with tools shown placed in front
I was so honoured when Steph from @heyclay reached out to do a collaboration with her on her clay art. What started as a small project together has turned into a very lovely and generous friendship I'm thrilled to start sharing with you. 
watercolor palette and small watercolor paintings
In February I had the privilege of visiting Steph in her studio taking in the beauty of her world, her surroundings, and her little pups! A small drive from my home and an inter island ferry and off I was on an adventure. Steph was so gracious and welcoming. We listened to music, chatted about art and life and took some photos to share with you all! 
potter and painter sit in studio working on clay and watercolor clay art
One of my favourite things in chatting with Steph was learning more about her and her process of making clay. Slowing down and appreciating the essential steps that it takes to make ceramic art while not getting attached to outcomes. Because as she said ‘sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t and we just can't get attached to these pieces' and I adore her for that. She allowed me to explore and play and just see what would happen when I painted on her art. And sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't, but we loved it all just the same. 
watercolour painter sitting in studio
In April I will send out another preview of the work as well as a notification when the collaboration goes live on Steph's website. I hope you enjoy a little slice of Gabriola Island and Steph's beautiful studio, I know I sure did! 
two women artists walking in the forest
ceramic artist at a wheel throwing claytwo artists clay and watercolor hold platter they created in collaberationtwo artists sit for photostwo artists in front of a backdrop holding mugs they made togetheran arm holds up a mug in front of a white wallall photos by Sophie Vino @sophievino

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