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Fluidity is a collection of my newest work that will begin launching at 1pm PST on Wednesday November 24th. But before this launch date I thought I might share a little bit about the process and the story that began this work.

The paintings in this series are all watercolour and mixed media paintings on Arches cold press paper and range from 12x16” to 20x28” in size. They will all be offered unframed but framing can be discussed and I am available to help in consultation with framing your original work.  

artist standing in a interior design room with watercolour painting

Within the last year I have spent a great deal of time writing and conceptualizing the idea of slowness or fluidness. A constant for me is that I have an endless desire to slow down and savour life in its entirety. Creating this series has been and extension of this desire to really be present with my family, and savour the quiet moments as my children are young.

watercolor painting in a interior designed bedroom with dried florals

These paintings draw on memories and moments both experienced and missed. Translating feeling into movement and visual abstraction. Beginning with thought, or visual memories, I would spend weeks translating feelings into words. Reading and writing poetry and making colour notes, before stepping into the studio to move water and pigment on paper. Each final work a dance, moment, brushstroke, pour; letting both action and inaction create abstraction.  

artist painting with watercolour paints

Fluidity began as a concept of time and yet has evolved into a very self-reflective series of the past year. As this series comes together I see the layered concepts and stages I went through to come to these final works. The salt and sea air of summer near the ocean, the leaves turning and autumn upon us. Each painting invoking a sort of loving nostalgia to the moments of time passing through our fingers. 

watercolour painting styled in interior designed home

I feel so honoured and proud to share this work with my collectors. I hope they inspire you to stay present with your life, your days, and your loved ones. May they be a touch point for you as they have been for me over this past year to appreciate the beauty in our daily lives. 



artist painting watercolor painting in interior designed house
artist standing next to watercolor painting in interior designed house
artist painting with watercolour paints
fine art in interior designed and styled home
watercolour paintings in interior designed styled home

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  • I love your philosophy of your life! Savour all the little moments….they are gone in a blink!

    Wendy Cartlidge on

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